Polisher Backing Plates

Brian R. from Glasgow

The new backing plate got one hell of a workout on the LHR15 this weekend and I have to say in terms of value for money over buying a new polisher it is excellent.  I was able to get into all the tight section using that that I would struggle with using the 5”.  It’s a fantastic piece of kit and most certainly works well.

Brian C. from Aberdeen

In comparison with the 125mm backing plate (not having owned a smaller polisher) the difference is far greater than I imagined!

It behaves exactly like the original 125mm plate fitted to my Rupes LHR15MK3 machine. There doesn't seem to be any extra vibration but as I couldn't run them at the same time it is impossible to be 100% certain.  It just felt normal to use and it really did allow me to get in to most of the tight curves.

I used a yellow Rupes 100mm pad with Scholl X3 gold and that combination removed the surface pitting and allowed a one step finish. To say I was happy is an understatement.

When it's your own car you are well aware of the "bad bits" and this morning I removed a few of those!

This is a great idea and is well executed. It is excellently made and a lot of thought has gone in to the design and weight of the plate to work with the counterweights on the Rupes machines. The velcro on the plate grips the pads tightly and I found no movement of the pad.

The reality is that most of the time the original plate will be used and this will only be used for smaller area's so it won't accumulate the hours of the standard plate. Having said that, I see no reason to expect any problems.

For me it was a No Brainer to buy one. I love the Rupes 15 machine but now it is two polishers for one. I can put the extra money to a Nano polisher so I can get to all the "bad bits".

Ed B. from North Wales

Thanks for the backing plate. Used it in anger yesterday on an all day Audi RS4 detail with a Rupes Duetto. More than happy. Not a hint of vibration and probably better balanced than the 5” plate supplied by Rupes!!