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Do you own a Rupes LHR12E, LHR15ES or LHR15 Mark 2/3?  If so, have you considered buying a smaller Rupes polisher but been put off because you will only use it infrequently?  This was the position I was in recently.  I couldn’t justify the expense of the LHR75E when I would only maybe use it once a year for an hour of so.

Rupes don’t make a backing plate for the LHR12E or LHR15 that will allow you to use the smaller polishing pads that the LHR75E uses (the pads are the BF100 Range - 80mm back, 100mm face).  So I decided to make one.  This website is about making these available, albeit in limited numbers.

The design criteria:

1. The plate must be the same, or very close to the weight of the standard Rupes 5” backing plate.

2. The back of the plate must cover the rotating mechanism/counterweight for safety and to reduce dust/dirt from the mechanism.

3. There should be a stall indicator on the back of the plate.

4. The plate should factor in the ‘washer mod’.  This means that the back of the plate is spaced away from the rubber skirt of the Rupes polisher.  Note: The standard Rupes plate rubs against this skirt so that rotation stops quickly when turned off.  The downside of the Rupes plate is that you are losing a little polishing power due to this friction.  Note: My plate will carry on spinning for a short time after turning off.


The backing plates are 3D printed using PETG filament.  At the risk of sounding technical for a moment, PETG is a Glycol modified version of Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET.  PET is the material commonly used for drinks bottles so is very tough.  I chose material was chosen for its durability, strength and heat stability.  The downside (for me at least) is that this material needs printing slowly, so these parts take around 8.5 hours to make.  These parts are printed solid, i.e. solid layers.  You can see this in the above video.

Once printed these plates need to be sanded smooth, velcro bonded to the face, then a finish coat of black satin.  White paint in the indicator hole and then that’s lacquered. It’s quite labour intensive but if you are interested in one of these backing plates, I can currently sell these for £40 delivered to mainland UK.  Overseas enquiries will be quoted on a case by case basis.  As you can appreciate these are not something I would be able to stock a large quantity of so please contact me via the form below to check availability.

By installing this backing plate, you agree that Rupes, www.polisherbackingplates.co.uk (as well as their business entities) cannot be held liable for damage or injury and waive any claim to warranty coverage for failures associated with the backing plate modification.

Rupes does not endorse any aftermarket backing plate modification. Installation of this plate is your responsibility.

The backing plate comes with a longer stainless steel bolt and spring washer, use these and NOT the bolt from the standard plate.  Tighten down fully and check the bolt for tightness periodically. 

Thank you for your interest. 

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